Experienced Martial Arts Artist Djamel Amrane's blend of impressive martial arts and leadership skills have helped make him known in an international aspect.
Master Djamel Amrane was born in Algiers, Algeria on June 23, 1962. He began practicing martial arts at age twelve. Once considered a likely successor of a local training center, Dj developed his mark by being one of the noticeably more advanced students. He became a well known figure throughout Algeria and went on to have success in China, many European countries and is now branching out his career in the U.S.
When young Shifu Dj was curious to find a hobby to invest himself in and his parents took notice of his high energy levels, it made sense for him to take the opportunity of having a martial arts center nearby available for all ages. Adding to his spare time as a purpose to join the sport, he had prior interest in martial arts films and the well known Bruce Lee. He was influenced by an iconic figure and aspired to achieve the same goals physically and mentally. For the next 10 years, Dj studied martial arts and was subjected to stringent discipline. He was considered undefeatable under the roof of the class. Shifu Dj ranked a belt higher at a rather quick pace than the other students. His future was clear at a young age.
In 1987, at age 26 he became the President of the National Shaolin Kungfu Association in Algeria. 
Since then, all different martial arts instructors nationwide became interested in Chinese martial arts and as a whole began to establish in different provinces. He promoted kungfu in different cities in Algeria. 
He continued his training at the Shaolin Temple in Henan, China and Research Institution of Wushu in Beijing. He became interested in different styles (wudang, emei, traditional/modern wushu).
In 1988, he participated in a big tournament in China under the Chinese Wushu Association and represented Algeria at the IWUF Preparatory Committee meeting.
 Shifu Dj at IWUF Preparatory Committee. China 1988
1989, he participated in the 2nd World Cup Championships under the IMAAF in Los Angeles, California, USA, performing yongchun quan.
In Hollywood, Shifu Dj was sponsored by Chinese television to visit all American states and Canada. He was in several clips advertised in LA. 1989, he taught in Ottawa. Both countries, America and Canada wanted him to stay to promote kungfu. However, Shifu Dj's heart was with Algeria, where he wanted to form a national team. He returned back to his country and founded the Algerian Kungfu Wushu Federation in 1990.
 International Wushu Federation (IWUF) China 1990
He visited China where he was a founder and executive member of the International Wushu Federation (IWUF), representing and responsible for Africa. Since then, he's been promoting to bring African countries. 
He participated in a tournament there, 1989, where he placed 1st and 3rd place. He became an international judge and coach by IWUF. He was the founder and vice president of the Arab Wushu Federation in Egypt. Shortly after, he moved to meet with the Mediterranean Wushu Preparatory Committee in France where he was a general secretary. He organized five championships and national cups. He took his national team to five competitions, where they earned a gold medal for shuai jiao in France. They went to Malaysia in 1993 at the 2nd World Championship. 1995, they were in Cordoba, Spain for the World Cup. They were at the 3rd World Championships in Baltimore, USA where they placed 4th place in sanda. They participated in two friendship competitions in Cairo and Alexandria, Egypt.
Shifu Dj got his degree at a business university in the capital of Algiers, Algeria. He opened his first martial arts school in 1983 located in Algiers where judo was taught. He moved on to teach in Oued Semmar in 1984. 1985, he moved to Lycee De Carte to continue spreading his knowledge. 1986 is when he taught at Riaydh Elfeth. By 1987, he founded the first official kungfu school in BEO, Algiers. Through his teaching, Shifu Dj met Lynda, whom he married in 1996. By October of that year, Shifu Dj had moved to America and through hard work, established himself here.
He and Lynda moved to Boston, Massachusetts where he opened his first school in Lynn in 2008 and founded the United Wushu Kungfu Academy. In 2009, he became the New England champion. He taught and still teaches traditional and modern wushu. Shifu DJ is said to deeply love being an instructor and treats his students like family.
Shifu Dj and Lynda also expanded their immediate family, having two children--Sabrina, born in 1998, and Adam, born in 2002.
Adam Amrane
2014, Adam, Shifu Dj's successor and son, won in sparring at every New England competition. The Mayor of Malden supports our team. Shifu Dj is currently promoting academies in the US, Algeria, France, Egypt, Morocco, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Haiti, Brazil, Chili, Eritrea, Somalia, Ghana, Ethiopia, Guatemala,  and Puerto Rico. He is the leader of the new generation – all these students from different countries are training to participate in the 2024 Olympics. The youth train under the academy to represent their countries in the future.